This 1973 AMC Javelin AMX was built from an incomplete '71 JoHan kit.  It was missing the rear spoiler common to both cars, but if I wanted the newer car, I had to do some modifying.  I managed to get a kit that appeared to be the same kit from the box, but the contents were for a '73-74 car!!  So I resin cast the rear spoiler and taillight panel.  The taillights are clear plastic painted with Tamiya translucent red paint.  The rear bumper had to be cut down to accomidate the panel.  I cast some Machine wheels with tires from an old Rebel Machine kit (not mine), but there were too many air bubbles on the surface, so I had to hunt for wheels and tires.  What I ended up with are not totally correct but close enough mags from a Trans Am kit.  I like the look!  My first attempt to apply the Fred Cady T-stripe decal for the hood ended with it tearing apart without me  even taking it off the backing!!  I solved the problem with the second set by cutting it into 4 parts and applying it like the 1:1 decal.  The kit is typical '70s.  Molded in chassis detail, very little interior detail, etc.  But the engine builds up very nicely.  It even comes with the flapper on the air cleaner cover! 
This is a 1/18 Ertl diecast '69 AMX in Big Bad Blue.  I bought it for my boyfriend who told me what details I needed to paint to make the car more correct.  First the car got a good waxing.  Then the sidepipes got a black wash, the grill is now silver with silver surround and chrome trim, the headlight buckets are black with chrome trim, the rear bumperettes have black inserts, the lugnuts are silver, centercaps are silver, and I applied chrome window trim.  The car was then topped off with 1966 vintage Massachusetts "BIG BAD" license plates
And now for something a little different: an AMT 1975 AMC Matador stock car.  I decided instead of building the kit as the red, white, and blue Bobby Allison racer, I'd turn it into something my AMC fan boyfriend would drive back in '75.  I hit a snag, though, when my grape and white color scheme revealed a flaw: I can't print white on an inkjet printer!!  After wishing I had the cash to buy an Alps printer, and cursing to myself about my lack of suitable white number decals, I had to settle with using white decal paper and some scissors.  The black "Larsen's Garage" logos came out great!  I used a blue "American Motors" decal from an old JoHan Javelin kit on the rear spoiler. 
I built the JoHan '69 AMX kit as a Big Bad Green car (minus rear bumperettes).  It wasn't easy trying to get the kit to come out well, due to typical '70s quality.  The window unit was misformed, so I had to use clear sheet styrene for the rear window.  The wheels in the kit are Hurst spoke types, and I used a set from the JoHan '71+ kit for more accuracy.  They are painted, as only '68 had the chrome ones.  I used the kit tires, which are now left black, but I applied redwall decals from a Corvette kit that looked great, but melted on the tires!  I had to remove all of the red and it made me a bit mad, as I like the look of redwalls.  I almost used my cherished set of chrome Cragars on Goodyears, but decided the finished kit loot was better.  I made the black stripes myself with my computer, and the details are from an aftermarket sheet.  Tailpipes are tube styrene and foil.  The incorrect steering wheel in the spartan interior was replaced by a Detail Master one, and I added felt "carpet". The engine was totally wrong.  It was missing the heads, so I resin cast copies from the spare kit I had.  I did my best to make it all look ok, but I plan on just rebuilding the kit at a later date with the correct engine from the '71+ kit.  The color, though, is correct early AMC blue!  As I learn more about these cars, my models of them get better! 
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Ken Tessier built this nifty Alabama Trooper Javelin... with working lights!  This vehicle actually existed in real life.
Another of Ken Tessier's models, this time a 1975 Penske/Allison Matador.